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Spotlight on Yogi
Pet of the Month

Meet Yogi. This little guy has his entire neighbourhood ​in the pads of his paws.
​Who can resist that adorable face? ❤️


Yogi is a Yorkshire Terrier.

He makes friends with everyone probably because he has the cutest ears ever. We got him when he was only a couple of weeks old. He was the last in a litter as no-one wanted him because he had a short tail. Yogi loves going for a walk on the Paredão to Azarujinha and then running ahead without his leash. He does not eat any treats but is partial to ham for a snack. Yogi also loves Twinkle the Chihuahua, and Drive the Portuguese Waterdog that live in his apartment block...obviously, they are both female.😊

PS. Yogi makes an excellent co-pilot on a bike...or in a car.


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