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Photo of the Month

Michael Goldblatt

While walking home, Michael snapped a shot of the beautiful night sky and peaceful moon boats.
Michael hails from South Africa where he started PhotoTeach, the first South African privately run photographic teaching organisation based on the American system of photographic workshops.
In 1995 some of his photographs for Alexandra Clinic were exhibited at the Bensusan Museum of Photography in Johannesburg under the title 'The Critical Years; Alex Clinic 1984 - 1994'

In 2014, Michael's "Dialogue - Meditation on Aging" exhibited at the Tamarack Gallery in Madison, Wisconsin. 

Michael has also had several photo exhibits in Portugal. 


Photo of the Month

Alon Goldsmith


Taken at Parque Marochel Carmona, Alon Goldsmith captured the birds showing off their feathers while a young girl watches in wonder. 

Alon is an award-winning photographer who has been exhibited in galleries around the globe. His  achievements include overall winner of the MIRA Mobile Prize in 2022, 3rd place in the Los Angeles Center of Photography’s Street Photography Around the World Competition, and runner up in the journalism category in the prestigious MPAs, as well as numerous honorable mentions across other categories. Alon has published two books: IN PLACE | PORTRAITS OF A PANDEMIC and 365 DAYS IN THE TIME OF CORONA.

Photo of the Month

Julio Belom


We love the colours and peaceful mood. Thank you, Julio, for your lovely photo. Julio enjoys taking photos as a hobby.

Submit your best photo that captures the flavour of Cascais and we'll post it here. Make sure it is a JPG and under 2MB 

                         THANK YOU!

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