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Festos do Mar


WHAT: EDP Lisbon Marathon
WHERE: Starts in Cascais
                Ends in Lisbon 
​WHEN:  8 October

Spotlight on 
Saikou Jammeh 

Hello Spotlight Cascais! My name is Saikou Jammeh. I'm what you would call a Senegambia 🇸🇳🇬🇲 My parents are from Senegal but I was born in Gambia. I travelled to many countries before coming to Portugal. I've been to France, Belgium, Greece, Dubai and Turkey. I got to go to all these countries because I play soccer ⚽ I've been in Cascais for one year here now and my favourite things in Cascais are the beautiful beaches, the many restaurants and the people are kind. The city has many relaxing and interesting places to visit. 

My dream is to play professional soccer here in Portugal, and something interesting about me is that I'm here on a soccer scholarship right now. Because of that, I'm constantly looking for an opportunity to achieve my goals. I'm working in a restaurant because I need to pay for my apartment and food and send money to help my family back home. I'm a young man who believes in himself and I just keep telling myself "dreams never lie".


My job in the Peruvian restaurant, Miski, allows me to meet lots of people and have many experiences in life, but

my biggest dream (and what will make me the happiest man in the world) is to see myself playing soccer.

Thank you so much, Spotlight Cascais. I'm thrilled to be here ❤️ 

Pedro Mella works at A Padaria Portuguesa.

He has been in Cascais for 7 years.

His favorite thing about Cascais is the people he gets to meet while working at the bakery.

His worst thing about Cascais is how crazy busy it can sometimes become. Pedro was working the day the Pope came to visit Cascais and A Padaria Portuguesa had a line of of customers that went out the door and down the road.

Pedro speaks fluently in both Portuguese and English. 

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Spotlight on 
Pedro Mella

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